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Catholic School Council

Chair: Jenny Hudder
Vice-Chair: Laura Hetu
Treasurer: Lindsay White
Secretary: Mary Anne Hicks
 Our School Council is made up of a small but energetic and dedicated group of volunteers. Their meetings occur monthly between September and June. Everyone is most welcome to attend. Please see the school's monthly calendar and/or the newsletter for the next meeting date.  School Council generously supports our school community by preparing hot meals such as Spaghetti Lunches and the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast.  They also run Santa's Workshop in early December which allows our students to "shop" for Christmas by choosing from the donated 'gently used' items. Through their fundraising ventures, such as the "12 Days of Christmas Raffle", the "Stone Kitchen Jam Fundraiser" and the "Madawaska Coffee Fundraiser", they generously provide funding for such items as school athletic uniforms, a new speaker system for the gymnasium, special events (e.g., dramatic performances and/or coaching workshops) and funds to defray the busing and/or admission costs for our class trips.  School Council also provides opportunities for families to come together at such events as "The Meet the Teacher BBQ", the "Advent Wreath Workshop", the "Easter Family Craft Night" and the "Annual School Picnic". They also usual seek out funding through such grants as Parents Reaching Out to organize events for our parent community. Most recently our School Council worked with the School Councils of Bird's Creek Public, Maynooth Public School and York River Public School to bring Online Safety expert Paul Davis to our community